Brewing the American Dream is in Chicago!

by Olubukola Adekoje

ACCION Chicago is proud to announce a new partnership with the Boston Beer Co.

Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream is an initiative that provides financing and coaching to local food, beverage and hospitality small business owners. Like many ACCION small business owners that have been turned down for bank loans, Jim Koch, Brewer and Founder of Samuel Adams struggled to start his business. Jim Koch founded Brewing the American Dream as a way to support small business owners and offer them financing and services needed for success.

By partnering with ACCION Chicago, the program will help Chicago entrepreneurs in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries start, strengthen or grow their businesses. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to participate in speed coaching events, allowing them to consult with experts one-on-one on topics such as sales, accounting, graphic design, PR, marketing, IT, legal and packaging. The first event will be held on October 17 at Kitchen Chicago. To sign up, click here.

Jim Koch is excited about bringing this program to Chicago. Koch said, “One of the many reasons that we have been working with ACCION since the launch of our program in 2008 is because they look beyond the numbers and take into consideration the people applying for the loan. We designed the program to offer business coaching and training, providing our beneficiaries with the essential ingredients needed for success.”

ACCION Chicago is also thrilled by this innovative partnership to better serve entrepreneurs in Chicago. Jonathan Brereton, CELO of ACCION Chicago said, “We have seen demand for loans and resources from food and beverage businesses grow by more than 10% in Chicago over the past three years.” As the current economic climate makes it increasingly difficult for many to get traditional loans, people are looking elsewhere. ACCION will help identify local candidates for the program and with Brewing the American Dream, provide much needed support to Chicago small business owners in the food industry.

For more information about the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program, please click here. To register for the upcoming speed coaching, visit the registration page.